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For several weeks now, we have been warning about the Jezebelic spirit behind the Black Lives Matter movement. Last week, we posted a video and an article documenting how Black Lives Matter leaders were literally calling on spirits of the dead (hat tip to Abe Hamilton at AFA), asking these spirits to rise up and empower Black Lives Matter’s actions. Talk about the kingdom of darkness!

This past Sunday night, I joined California pastor Rob McCoy to talk about a range of issues leading up to the elections, including the true nature of the Black Lives Matter movement. This caught the attention of Right Wing Watch (RWW), a radical left-wing organization, which posted a full report on its homepage with a link on its Facebook page.

No comments are allowed on the group’s homepage, but the comments on the Facebook page were quite revealing (‘s protocol prohibits linking to that page).

The Facebook caption read: “Anti-LGBTQ activist and author Michael Brown calls the Black Lives Matter movement ‘anti-Christ.’ He says four more years of Trump will give the church time to usher in revival and awakening.” (My actual words, which are quoted in the article on the Right Wing Watch homepage, were: “And four more years of Donald Trump’s not going to save America. At best, that’s a wedge in the door, where the church can really cry out to God, truly repent, truly engage in the Gospel, and usher in revival and awakening because that’s the hope of the nation.”)

But what followed next is what garnered the most attention. It was the header under the Facebook graphic, stating, “Michael Brown Says Black Lives Matter Calling Out Names of the Dead Is ‘Witchcraft.’” This is what stirred things up.

As of this writing, of the 103 comments posted on Facebook, only two of them questioned the Black Lives Matter practice, while others were quick to justify it, comparing it to prayers to Jesus (who, in their eyes, is dead), to Roman Catholic prayers to the saints or to calling out the names of those killed on 9/11.

Here are some of the more passionate posts:

—When you make a racist lose his mind like this ;… you know Black Lives Matter supporters are doing it right!

—”Great Caesar’s Ghost” he IS insane!

—So, fighting for equality is satanic now? If that’s the case then I’m a Satanist.

—These morons should have to work real jobs, not just make up hateful [expletive] to sell to lunatics.

—Another [expletive] nut case. Where do they come from?

—Have you ever noticed that it’s the most evil-minded bigots and cranks who call other people anti-Christ and witches? This guy’s a total nut job.

So, calling on the spirits of the dead is perfectly sane and rational. Exposing the practice is insane and irrational. All clear!

Others posted homosexual comments too crude to repeat, while others attacked Christian practices (including Roman Catholic practices):

—But calling on God, Jesus or the Saints, all of whom are dead or made up, to intercede on one’s behalf is religion! Got it.

—And talking to an invisible being in the sky and asking for favors is madness. So?

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